• In any type of sports gambling, you should set aside an amount of money that you are ok with losing. This is the total cost of betting and never talk yourself into increasing it unless you are ready to accept the additional potential loss.  Sports bets exist because they statistically have better odds then you.   So, you want to build a strategy that works for you.  There are thousands of betting strategies on the internet, but you need to find out what one works for you and on your budget.  I like to use parts and pieces that I prefer


  • Betting when you are on “Tilt”(Betting intoxicated or upset). This rarely works, because you are not thinking clearly and will push your budget and your odds out of a comfortable window.


  • Studying the game, you want to bet on. You want to comb the news for players that are on a hot streak, home and away records, key injured players, etc.  Anything that might gain you knowledge against the odds makers.  Gametime Genie does a fair amount of this in our assessment of each game, but there are always things out there.  So, timing which bet is made and at what time is crucial to increasing your wins.


  • Line Shopping is very important. You should always have multiple sources to check game lines on.   Some may vary wildly and can affect how you bet on a game or with who you bet with.  Since our site uses averages, you want to make sure that you are evaluating the info correctly to the site you are using.  Shopping different sites is important and Shopping for the best games on each site.  Our service provides calculated win percentages on most games.  This should help you quickly see the value bets and maybe some holes in the odds.


I personally bet for entertainment.  I enjoy throwing 20 bucks on the game I’m watching on tv.  Just makes the whole watching experience more enjoyable.  I do like to win, who doesn’t.  This whole website was created to help the average person get a little edge.  Teach you how to bet and have some fun.  I don’t always take the best odds.  They just don’t pay out as good.  So, you have to find targets of data that can steer you to a win.  I try to target getting my bets to pay as close to even as I can.  Betting on a (-200) is a bigger gamble to me.  Placing 200 to make 100 still with a chance to lose is hard.  So, I’ll bet the same game with the spread and have the favorite team -1.5.   So, use the estimated scores from our genie data to bet on the same team

-1.5 and get (-115) odds which is a much better pay out.