Its almost here, NFL preseason games have started, the season begins in about a month on September 9. Fantasy drafts will be getting going everywhere before then.  I like to read a fantasy draft guide or two to familiarize myself with new players and offseason moves.  Pay close attention to player moves. See a guy like Matthew Stafford , who is a very good quarterback that spent his career on a mediocre team.  He is now the starting quarterback for a legitimate contender with better weapons. This makes him primed to explode from the middling fantasy quarterback he has been, potentially to the elite level.

Visit   for player rankings, sleepers, tips and advice. I also recommend using one of the online mock draft simulators often to get a feel of where players are being picked and who you may be able to select at different positions and rounds.  I do about 50 of these mock drafts before my actual fantasy draft each year. I like for this.

Everyone has a favorite team with an emotional attachment to players on that team.  Please do not be a “Homer” and over draft players from your favorite team.  Drafting them is fine as long as you follow your rankings.

When you attend your draft, whether in person or online, have player rankings in front of you. You should have rankings that match your leagues scoring system.  If your league is PPR scoring, have PPR rankings. Do not reach for players, let the draft come to you.  If a high ranked player falls in the draft to you, please select them, otherwise you should select from the highest ranked available players to fill out your roster.  I personally shoot to have 3 RB’s and 2 WR’s in my first 5 selections and then target a TE in rounds 6 to 10 and a QB after I select a TE with more RB’s and WR’s in between.

Remember a good fantasy draft comes from being well prepared. If you show up and wing it, most likely you will finish in the bottom third of your league. Be prepared, have rankings with you that match your league scoring system, stick to the rankings and have a plan.

Good luck with your fantasy draft and come back to for tips and advice in season.