I’m not exactly new to Fantasy Football; I’ve been playing for ten seasons.  But I also have a tendency to draft with my heart and not my head.  Being a Lions fan…that doesn’t always work the greatest for me.

I’m in the bottom 27% of Yahoo Fantasy Football Participants. I’ve won first place one time, in 2017, with my team name being Beef Robes.  My default photo is still me kissing our trophy in heels, fishnets, and my Stafford color rush jersey.  I’m a sucker for an underdog because I AM AN UNDERDOG.

Just like The Genie, I love Fantasy Football. Not only will my mom be proud of my A- draft grade, so is The Genie!  I am the first Yahoo Fantasy Football player to enlist The Genie’s help through my entire draft.  No joke, The Genie was in my ear throughout our live draft giving me tips and tricks, and of course, sleepers.  I have Ryan Tannehill and Matthew Stafford as my QBs.  Tannehill did not perform as expected in week 1, but The Genie saved my future by insisting that my team, Fuck Goff, draft Stafford.  Ultimately, The Genie allowed me to draft with my heart for some picks.  Between these QBs, I have excellent trade bait!

The Genie helped me navigate my way to Joe Mixon as the 42nd pick, and my best pick as the first flex taken in my league.  His ADP (average draft position) was 22.  The Genie earned me my spot as projected to win first place overall with a record of 12-2-0.  I’ll take it!

On the flipside, I had another draft a week after…this time without The Genie’s help.  I drafted with my heart and not my head; it was as if everything The Genie taught me a week prior was just *poof* gone.  I have EIGHT running backs and did not notice until we were done drafting.  My entire bench is running backs, so maybe I can utilize some of those gentleman as trade bait, too.

My last position to draft was my QB, at 139, and I have Baker Mayfield.  I have a gut feeling that Baker is going to be the next rockstar QB in the NFL, but only time will tell.  Since my entire bench is running backs, I’m looking for him to shine through week 12!

This team, Classic Camel, is projected a record of 3-10-1, and my own draft earned me a C- grade, the worst in my league.  I’m not surprised that’s where I ended up without The Genie’s help.  Let’s hope I can trade some of my bench if needed!