To all our members and potential members.  I wanted to reach out and explain how we intend this website to help you in your betting endeavors.  We use a statistical approach to provide you with all the data you may need to make an informed decision.  We are researching various aspects of every sporting event we post and then using that data to create a score outcome.  As one of the owners of Genie and an avid better.  I like to use this statistical data to find variations in Betting lines from Las Vegas.  So if you are looking to bet a game that is fairly even, you can use our data to make a more informed decision on who to bet.


NHL – Algorithm Score Outcome from 12/9/21

Carolina Hurricanes (17-6-1) Vs Calgary Flames (15-6-5)

Goalie Rankings – CAR (14) / CGY (19)

PP % – CAR 20.8% / CGY 23.9%

Algorithm Score Prediction – CAR 2 – CGY 1

Suggested Bet: CAR M/L (+105)

The season statistics support a bet on Carolina Money Line, but you could also use this to bet the Under.  This outcome was predicted from every game each team has played this season and how they performed.  We also provide other supporting statistics like Season Record, Key Player Rankings, Key Stats, and a Suggested bet that is generally what i’m betting on.

We are picking the best odds games for each major sport, and we do pick every NFL game.  Please use this data to help your decisions.  We have found that it’s a lot like counting cards on Black Jack.  Never a for sure bet, but if you can increase your chances.  Thats when you start winning more then you lose.  Timing the size of your bets with a statistical advantage is how you win big!  Good luck out there and remember that its gambling




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