To begin, I took the 2020 PPR points for the RB, WR, TE and QB positions and broke them down into 3 tiers.  Tier 1 is players who average 20+ PPR points per game.  There were 4 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 TE and 11 QB’s in this tier.  Tier 2 is for players averaging 15-20 PPR points per week.  There were 11 RB’s, 13 WR’s, 2 TE’s and 15 QB’s n this tier.  Tier 3 is for players  averaging 10-15 PPR points per week. There were 20 RB’s, 31 WR’s, 7 TE’s and 6 QB’s in this group.

The production drop off from tier 1 to tier 2 was 33.5% for RB’s, 27.8% for QB’s, 21.6% for TE’s and 13.4% for WR’s.  The production drop off from Tier 1 to tier 3 was 49.8% for RB’s, 47.1% for TE’s, 44.8% for QB’s and 41.0% for WR’s

RB’ have the highest tier 1 Average of 25.1 PPR points per week and the largest drop off in production placing them first on positional value.  QB has the 2nd highest tier 1 average 23.0 PPR points per week and were middle of the pack in drop off placing them 2nd in positional value.  The TE position ranked 4th in Average PPR points per week at 20.8, but dropped off far faster than the WR position placing it 3rd in value.  With the 3rd best tier 1 average of 21.7 and the lowest drop off (deepest pool), The WR position ranks 4th in positional value.

To summarize positional value:

  1.  RB
  2. QB
  3. TE
  4. WR