Let me preface this as my theory and rant that the NFL cannot seem to catch onto. My theory does not outline anything illegal in NFL rules just manipulation within the rules by the evil genius that is Bill Belicheck.

Since 2000, there have been 10 Belicheck disciples get head coaching jobs in the NFL. They have coached a combined 8 NFL teams for 17 seasons. Their combined win percentage is 39%.
I believe this is by design.

The Patriots had one of the greatest runs in NFL history at the top and because of that all of Bill’s assistants were in very high demand by bad teams who had just fired their head coaches so All of his disciples branched out to lead these bad teams.

Secondly Bill does not pay his free agents, he lets them walk. The NFL in then gives him extra compensatory draft picks for these players he does not sign. These players now sign lucrative contracts with the bad teams where his assistants go putting more cap strain on these teams. Then these teams perform very poorly averaging a 6-10 records over 17 seasons. after 2 or 3 seasons these bad teams fire the coach and cut the high priced players to fix their cap. The players almost always migrate back to New England and do so at a nice discount having already been paid and experienced losing.

In the End

1. Bad teams stay bad
2. Bill gets lots of extra draft picks to work with
3. New England gets their players at a discount without paying high prices.
4. New England keeps winning.
5. Many of the coaches return to New England before cycling out again to another team.

The Patriot way is a scam of intentionally suppressing poor teams and taking advantage of them to improve the Patriots and keep them on top at a discount of course. Entirely within league rules but scamming the rest of the league.

Open your eyes people and quit buying to to Dr. Evil’s master plan.