A Vampire league

Vampire ordering meat

I have recently been reading about a style of fantasy league I have not played, but sounds very interesting and I wanted to share it.

Vampire league:
1. can be 10 or 12 teams
2. only 9 teams (10) or 11 teams (12) draft, the non drafting team is the vampire and must build its roster from waivers after the draft.
3. All other team rosters are locked after the draft, only the vampire can use the waiver wire during the season.
4. additionally in season prior to each week the vampire indicates a player on his/her opponent that he wants. If the vampire wins they get the player identified, but must return a player they started or claimed at the same position to the loosing team.

The league gets its name from the the way the vampire can suck other teams dry through the season.

Sounds like a fun interesting twist to try in your leagues this year.